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Focus on customer service

    Value in:
  • Customer centric software
  • Scoping and requirement management
  • Internet brokerage
  • Securities trading
  • Securities collateral lending
  • Complex financial products and general ledger
  • System support business processes
Customer focus with CRM
The customer must have multi-channel access, be able to perform cross-channel activities, continuous, 24x7: any day, any time.
CRM software is key in providing the customer interface and as much as possible seamless interaction.
Conquer the hearts and minds of your customer by winning on quality of service!
Big bangs tend to fail..
..Or burn money in a rate that dwarfs the potential benefits. Implementations so far learn that more that 80% of the effort is in the turn around of your organisation, and less than 20% of the organisational effort is in the system. However more that 80% of the project cost will be in the system, so careful selection and implementation are key.
".. ability to add value by the use of new business models.."

Craft Certificate Training Exam institute Year
Bankbedrijf General training Banking NIBE NIBE 2012
Brokerage Training Brokerage NIBE NIBE 2013

Software projects: rationalizing and more standard software

Value in:
  • Internet brokerage
  • Securities tradingsite
  • Content Management Systems
  • Document management systems
  • Replacement legacy software
  • Validation brokerage transactions
  • Margincalculation and reports
  • Collateral lending control
as strong as the weakest link
Replacement legacy software
It is becoming very interesting to replace complex legacy systems This can be done by moving to standard software, but if the service levels are to be maintained, a complete code conversion is a very attractive alternative. Significant cost savings can be realized, with a surprisingly quick break-even time.
".. can react on the most diverse issues that can occur.."
CMS: your face to the market
The selection of a Content Management System is important. Not just for your website, it also effects the manner in which you communicate with the customer, providing personalized content, email campaigns, etc. Connecting to your company's philosophy is decisive for success.
Tip: perform a proof of concept with the 2 or 3 best CMS'ses. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Keep the technical design of the content management system as simple as possible: let the business owners participate actively. Once implemented they are in the drivers seat.
DMS: empower your document flows
A Document Management System supports the efficiency of your business processes, helps to improve your service levels, contributes to your customer relations.
Automatic scanning, optical reading and caracter recogniton, information to the customer, customer privacy, storage periods (record management), to meet compliance requirements: it is all possible.
Implementation and migration is a phased process, which should be carefully coordinated. Work in close cooperation with the business owners and end users: it is the key to any good project.
Agile approach
In Software projects an Agile approach is attractive, Scrum® or DSDM Atern®. In time boxes the functionality is realized in order of priority.

Best of both worlds
The choice for an Agile project management Method need not be at the expense of project control, on the contrary. Projectcontrol with Prince2® or PMBOK® can be combined with an Agile approach.

Craft Certificate Training Exam institute Year
Agile Project Management PSM I,Scrummaster I Scrum.org Scrum.org 2012
Contentmanagement Certified Technology Specialist Sitecore Nederland Sitecore Nederland 2012
SAP SAP overview for project teams ICT trainingen NV ICT trainingen NV 2012
SAP SAP BI Introduction Business Intelligence ICT trainingen NV ICT trainingen NV 2012
Software education

Infrastructure, foundation of IT

    Value in:
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Carve Out
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Online Web Access
  • E2E Web Services
  • Transition management
ketting zo sterk als de zwakste schakel
    Value in:
  • ImageNow DMS
  • SAP infrastructure
  • Content Management Systems
  • Document Management Systems
  • Web Security
  • Exchange-, server-, desktop migrations.
".. controlling the situation..with always an open and personal touch.."
From recovery to continuity
The increasing dependence on IT systems and their growing interconnectedness contributes to the importance of business continuity. The annual "fire drill" of the IT systems is not a ritual, but a cycle with one goal: continuous improvement. The cost of interruption are increasing every year, therefore the lenght of system unavailability must be shorter every year.
In the preparation phase the lessons of the past are implemented: schedules are revised, scripts are adapted, risks rechecked, decision points named.
The exercise is carried out with military precision. And of course, a carefull evaluation leads to lessons learned and improvements next year.

A disaster recovery exercise contributes to the level of reliability / of being in control. It provides an excellent opportunity to improve cooperation and team spirit and provides a basis for further development of the ICT infrastructure.
Without proper infrastructure, no performance, no availability and no continuity. In infrastructure changes the logical sequence is to a large extent inherent in the technical conditions. The know how is distributed among specialists, each with their own expertise.

Infrastructure projects are agile in the sense of flexibility to move around the business, results with the least possible disruption of service. The result counts!

Craft Certificate Training Exam institute Year
Configuration Certified Technology Specialist Sitecore Nederland Sitecore Nederland 2012
Microsoft AZURE Microsoft Silver Partner Microsoft Virtual Academy MVA 2012
Technical training